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    Professional management of apartments and houses for tourist use in Madrid. Our team of professionals trained in hotel management are experts in booking management, positioning in multiple platforms, customer service, cleaning, maintenance, key delivery and price optimization to increase your income and reserves.

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    Booking management

    Update the calendar every 24 hours with revenue strategies for maximum occupancy.

    Dynamic prices

    We have a double system of dynamic prices of revenue to improve and optimize your income.

    Profile management

    Optimization of the host profile and verification of guest profiles.

    Communication with guest

    The guest service guarantees a fluid communication at all times with the guest. We clarify doubts and provide all the information you may need.

    Check In / Out

    Our experts will perform the Check In / Out of the guests and will help them at all times.

    Inventory control

    Permanent verification of the inventory of utensils and equipment of the apartment.
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    Vacation rental is booming. Many tourists prefer the privacy that can be found in a flat, rather than going to a hotel.

    The experience in a vacation apartment is very similar to that of a hotel, with the advantage that it is somewhat more economical and comfortable.

    Due to the increasing demand in this type of tourist trips, having a vacation apartment is a good investment that can offer you different advantages, especially in terms of being able to get some extra money that you can use to increase your savings.

    For your apartment to be attractive to tourists it must be properly managed. From being up to date with the laws in force regarding tourist accommodations, to the services provided during your stay and always being present to make customer service exceptional.

    All this demands effort and time from the owner of the property, who must be involved to the maximum to offer a personalized and quality attention. This is very important so that your apartment, and you as a host, are well valued for the high level of customer satisfaction.

    But the reality is that, many times, this high degree of involvement on your part, as the owner of the property, is not possible. Hence, the need to have a company that manages tourist apartments in Madrid.

    Having an apartment that can be used to launch it as a rental for tourists in the city of Madrid, is a good business for extra money to make the world of tourism your own business.

    Especially when using a tourist apartment as an investment apart from the natural daily work, it can be somewhat complicated to carry out the integral management that this type of investment requires.

    You have to take into account who the clients are, make the reservations, make a correct maintenance of the apartment so that it is as comfortable as possible for the clients, receive them at the entrance and fire them at the exit and control that nothing is missing when a new guest arrives.

    The tasks that are included in a good management of tourist apartments involve a lot of work that, sometimes, is very complicated to carry oneself without help.

    For your tourist apartment to generate a good income, it must have a good reputation among customers.

    A personalized and complete attention, as well as a clean, comfortable and properly decorated space, is what helps guests to be satisfied by increasing the popularity of your tourist apartment.

    When the time you have to dedicate to it is scarce, the best option is to let us help you with the management of your tourist apartment.

    The management of tourist apartments in Madrid entails different obligations to make the tourist apartment a welcoming and pleasant home for each guest who occupies it.

    We, as a tourist apartment management company in Madrid, professionally carry out all the necessary tasks to help you increase the quality of service in your tourist apartment, making it a great investment.

    To begin with, it is important to have the necessary license to convert the apartment into a tourist apartment. Being within the law is a very serious matter to which you should pay a lot of attention.

    Once this procedure has been resolved, it is time to think about converting the apartment into a real tourist apartment that will make the clients feel at home for the whole duration of their stay.

    For travelers, having an intimate and cozy space where they can rest after a day of going around discovering the city is very important. They must recover their strength in order to be able to get up with a lot of courage and energy the next day and enjoy everything that Madrid has to offer to visitors.

    That the tourist flat is a pleasant place, with an attractive and homely decoration that invites to rest and relax, will allow the guests to feel at ease and to rest properly.

    Good management of tourist apartments will help make guests so comfortable that they will want to come back, this is the best way to acquire a good reputation that will make many more people want to experience a few days of vacation in your tourist apartment.

    Being a good host is the best way to attract guests, and also to get them to give a good opinion about your tourist apartment.

    Getting good opinions is very important to gain fame and gain the trust of potential customers, because today everyone trusts the comments that others leave on the Internet about the places they visit.

    A good tourist apartment management will get you that good reputation that will make your tourist apartment one of the first options when travelers need a place to stay in Madrid.

    The integral management of tourist apartments includes all the necessary procedures to obtain the pertinent licenses for a tourist apartment, an exclusive and intimate decoration typical of a home and personalized attention to the clients.

    All this is a work that requires a lot of patience, to be conscientious and to dedicate the necessary time so that everything is so much to the taste of the client.

    A good reception by the owner of the tourist apartment, making the client feel at home, will make the guest have a positive opinion of your apartment.

    The personalized attention should start from the very moment the reservations are managed. You have to be aware of market movements, renewing prices and managing client profiles.

    When the guest arrives he must be formally received, while his stay lasts you must be aware of any incident to solve it immediately, and the attention must continue at all times until you dismiss the guest and check that everything is in order.

    Between the guest and you as the owner of the apartment, there must be clear and fluid communication, attending to every doubt of the guest and giving him all the information he needs.

    Good customer service requires more than just paying attention to details when a guest comes to spend a vacation.

    As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and the apartment must present a clean, neat image with an aesthetic that invites relaxation, rest and tranquility.

    The decoration of the apartment must present a careful and functional aesthetic. Everything that is placed must be practical so that the client can use it.

    Another thing to bear in mind is the importance of thinking about placing quality furniture. Coming and going as a guest will make the furniture wear out more. Therefore, placing good furniture will allow you to save in the long run since you will avoid having to buy new ones in the short term.

    Not only the furniture, everything inside the tourist flat such as the bed mattress, the sheets or the towels should create the feeling of comfort.

    When decorating the holiday flat, it is important that the message that all guests receive as soon as they cross the threshold is “welcome home”.

    That feeling of comfort, intimacy, in short, of home, will be what will make guests want to repeat the experience every time they return to Madrid, and recommend your tourist apartment to others.

    The management of tourist apartments in Madrid requires a lot of preparation. The details to be considered are many and the personalized attention requires good organization and time, both to keep the apartment well conditioned and to offer guests the best of personal attention.

    Often, time is the biggest problem for the owners of tourist apartments. Especially when the apartment is part of an investment strategy to obtain extra money, the owners of tourist apartments have a limited time within their normal duties to attend to each particularity of customer service.

    Hence, the need for professionals who can devote the necessary hours to organize, prepare, select guests and provide them with the individual service they require.

    Tourist apartment management companies, such as Easy Host Spain, take care of helping you to manage your tourist apartment perfectly, offering you all the necessary services so that your guests are satisfied with the experience, and you can obtain greater profitability with your apartment.

    Leaving the management of your holiday apartment in the hands of a professional company will give you a feeling of peace of mind because we know how to make your holiday apartment grow in popularity.

    Our team of experts will make all the necessary arrangements so that, while you continue with your daily life dedicating time to what is most important to you, we will work hard to efficiently manage your property, getting satisfied guests.


    The benefits of hiring the services of tourist apartment management companies go beyond the satisfaction of your guests. You, as the owner of the tourist apartment, are our client.

    Our work is aimed at providing you with all the tools you need to turn your investment into something very profitable, getting your tourist apartment to have the maximum occupation.

    We take care of managing the prices so that they are attractive to potential customers and that, at the same time, are within the standards of the sector getting to improve your economy.

    Our duties include profiling your guests. Because not only your apartment should have a good reputation, it is important that you get good clients, with a positive profile to increase the fame of your property.

    Our team of experts will take care of all the tasks related to the decoration and cleaning of the apartment. We have an excellent team of expert architects and decorators to ensure that your apartment has a comfortable and modern atmosphere by applying the latest trends in decoration.

    As you have seen, having a tourist apartment can be a good investment, both to start in the real estate sector and to receive some extra income that always comes in handy.

    But for your tourist apartment to be attractive, it is important that guests keep a good taste in their mouths whenever they decide to rent your apartment.

    It is important to give them proper personalized attention that should start before they arrive, by keeping the tourist apartment in good conditions of cleaning, maintenance and with a nice and homely decoration with a touch of exclusivity and elegance.

    All this requires a lot of time and effort that, sometimes as a tourist apartment owner, you cannot afford.

    Therefore, the best option to enjoy being the owner of a tourist apartment is to leave all the paperwork in the hands of a tourist apartment management company.

    At Easy Host Spain we take care of all the paperwork that needs to be done regarding your tourist apartment. All the paperwork for you to get the license, the decoration of the apartment, the maintenance, the reservations, the verification of the reputation of your guests, we will even leave them a welcome gift.

    We take care of all the management of your apartment so that you become the best host, getting positive opinions thanks to the high degree of satisfaction of your clients and, in this way, increasing your reputation in the tourist apartment sector by increasing the profitability of your tourist apartment.

    Your property is in good hands because we have a team of highly qualified professionals who will take care of your tourist apartment and your guests.

    Contact us, you just have to enjoy your time while your income increases.

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